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ISHA (International School of Handwriting Analysis) believes in implementing intellectual concepts for analysing handwriting. ISHA main office is located in Pebble Beach California, USA. It has many learning centres around 22 countries in the world.

People from different countries are showing much keenness at learning Handwriting Analysis. Our Handwriting Analysis course is par excellence. Accuracy is proven, since we have applied the concepts after much research. It's our pleasure that, aspirants are satisfied with each course material.

Courses materials at the center are prepared with extensive research and methodologies by Dr. Erika Margarethe Karohs, ISHA's founder and eminent graphologist. We have followed uniqueness in every course material.

Dr.Karohs methods are widely accepted in the corporate world. One can become professional graphologists by following our training methods. Our course provides in-depth learning for your progressive career. Each course is prepared to gain a better understanding and you can provide consultation independently in future. Our course meets necessary standards to improve one's judging ability with various styles in writing. A person also learns to judge himself and know his skills better. An aspirant can learn with practical approach and can gain confidence.




Courses are worth the time and money invested. I am really happy to be graphologist from GSI. Without a second thought I would recommend every aspiring graphologist to join GSI.
— Girish.


GSI in association with Certified Graphologists offer Consulting Services for

  1. Corporate.
  2. Personal Use.

ISHA Courses are now thought in Universities!


ISHA Courses at Maranatha University in Bandung, Indonesia

Courses, which commenced in spring semester 2013, are being held through Psychology Department at Maranatha University in Bandung, Indonesia.
Our courses are considered as part of the university curriculum. It's our honour that, we are serving the purpose of the university and bringing the best talent in every student. Students expressed much inquisitiveness at learning and progressing with immense confidence.
Courses are taught by Mr. SyiblyAvivy A. Mulachela, M.Psi, CMHA, ISHA'S, Director of Training and Continuing Education respectively.

Three new ISHA classes starting in partnership with Psychology Department of Maranatha University.

beginners class
Now, Beginner's Diploma Course Workshop and Individual Program are held in Bangalore (Karnataka) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). Make use of this opportunity in these locations. For more details, call us to this cell number 09740599425.
intr commencement

Handwriting Analysis Certification Courses


Our four comprehensive home study/ correspondence certification courses includes:


The Four Handwriting Analysis Courses Are Based Upon Sound Graphological Principles

A student will have an opportunity to learn from practicing graphologists. Dr.Karohs has worked for many corporate clients in several countries and gained much recognition for accurate analysis in handwriting. Click About Us Page.


Course Features

Finest Prints

Finest Prints

All courses are available in printed version. We have taken best care in implementing course material with high defined prints in each page. Images are of best quality. A student certainly develops much curiosity in learning.

Steady Learning

Steady Learning

Every Course material is sent in one time dispatch with advance payment. Hence, students are not required to wait after each chapter (lesson) completion. He can start learning steadily without interruptions.

About Fees

About Fees

The fees paid for any courses are non-refundable and non- transferable to any person.

Courses Description

Beginners Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course

Course includes self improvement tests with model answers. You can learn from 40 basic traits. You are provided with skill improvement worksheets. Duration of course is 3 months. After completion, students can proceed to take test, that is, 3 months from the date of enrolment. Otherwise, enrolment period expires without notice.

Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course

This is comprehensive because, it includes more study material developed for your curiosity. It includes basic, intermediate and advanced courses combined. Course materials include more instructions, where you can improve your writing skill.

It also includes chapters on measuring. "The Master's Course On Measuring and Measurements: How To Measure A Writer's Slant Perfectly Each and Every Time"

Free Gifts
  • This includes flash cards of 112 personality traits for your quick reference.
  • Free Marketing Manual is provided. It helps you to make sales with your handwriting.

A person after completion receives certificate as Certified Handwriting Analyst C.H.A.

Course duration is 1 year. You are required to complete the course studying in less than 1 year. Also, you should take test in this allotted time plan (from enrolment date), that is 1 year.

Evaluated Traits Course In Handwriting Analysis

Evaluation traits course in Handwriting Analysis helps you to improve your judgement skills. This course helps to analyse writer's personality better. Includes much detail on secondary characteristics. With combination or stacking of basic traits, assessment can be done.

Course duration is 5 months. Students should complete studying in 5 months from the enrolled date. He should take test within this limit. Enrolment will expire without notice, if he exceeds this time plan.

After completion, you will receive a diploma as Certified Handwriting Analyst, level II

Step-By-Step System Handwriting Analysis Course

This is also in-depth learning material designed for students, who wish to do analysis on professional level. It includes Trait Stroke and Gestalt Method in combination. You will receive the diploma titled as Certified Master Handwriting Analyst, C.M.H.A.

Course duration is 1 year. You are required to complete the course studying in less than 1 year. Also, you should take test in this allotted time plan (from enrolment date) that is 1 year.

Combination Pack (Comprehensive and SSS)

This is a package deal. You can gain with discounts, if you order both SSS course & Comprehensive course. It is just 15,000 INR, a perfect saving for you. Honestly, we don't delete any content in the material.

Special offer for Married Couples or Partners

We have special "Spouse or partner" offer. This is to help your spouse or partner, who wishes to practice professionally. Here, speciality is student of SSS and / or Comprehensive course can share their program with ONE spouse or partner. Therehence, a second person is also eligible to take diploma test and become certified after the completion. A partner can share the course materials of the first enrolled student (primary student). There should be same address of partner and a primary student. $30 charged for testing and certification. Also, primary student can apply for an exam and get diploma without any cost, it's absolutely free.

There will be Diploma/ Module Based Test in every course. In course description, the time duration for taking test is mentioned correspondingly. Only after the completion of test, certificate is issued by ISHA.

Free Diploma Certificates

With Dr. Karoh's courses, there is no charge applicable, even if a student is repeating the test second time. We have made certificate available free of cost. Dr.Karoh's holds the complete responsibility in grading your diploma test and issuing the certificate.

international school of handwriting

Course Completion

By completing allotted test, you will receive information in electronic mail and diploma certificate will be sent to you within 2 months. In an unlikely event, you have 180days (6 months) from the date of notification to send a request for rectification. If a diploma certificate has to be re-issued, because of faulty information by a student, then it will be a charged $15 for reissue. With expiry of date, diploma will presumed as delivered.

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Statutory Information

ISHA is not an accredited school. There is no official licensing body for Graphology in Unites States of America (USA). Diplomas are not issued from any statutory department.

Any enquiries posted or communication regarding ISHA course will be handled by Mr.Pradeep KU exclusively.

Mr.Pradeep K. U is ISHA's Contact Centre Representative for India. If you have got any enquiries, feel free to contact and enjoy being part of an institution and learn graphology from experts. Please note that any communication sent to ISHA headquarters will be automatically forwarded to Mr.Pradeep K U. Hence, you can contact Mr.Pradeep directly for any enquiries.




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